In ultimii 13 ani, BRAZDA LUI NOVAC a devenit un nume sonor al scenei electronice underground din Romania. Imbinand tonalitatile raw al sintetizatoarelor analogice cu ritmurile elaborate, sunetul distinctiv BRAZDA LUI NOVAC se concretizeaza intr-un melanj melodios de IDM, industrial si electro, avand chiar si usoare amprente shoegaze.

In concerte, jocul audio-video este realizat alaturi de visuals-urile create de … Vali Chincisan.

Dupa numeroase concerte de succes in orase din Romania, dar si in Londra, Roma sau Maastricht, la care putem adauga cateva opening acts de efect la concertele unor trupe de renume ca Recoil, Covenant si Funckarma, BRAZDA LUI NOVAC a lansat primul sau album continand 14 piese in format digital, si care poate fi gasit la diverse magazine specializate in vanzarea de muzica online.

VJ: Vali Chincisan

invitati: Dez&Silent Strike


First electronic “noises” Ioan ever made came from a demo version of ReBirth (somewhere around 1998) and he found this activity to be quite an enjoyable way of pissing off his neighbours in the spare time, considering his love for Prodigy-inspired beats and sounds.

However, things turned a bit more serious a year later, when, after watching a documentary about the rave culture in Western Europe and US, he decided it would be idea to build an analog synthesizer himself. He never did that so far, but all that research took him deep into understanding sound synthesis and processing.

And then… the breakthrough !
A friend showed up one night in 2002 with a recorded music video of Autechre – Gantz Graf. Reactions turned from “WTF?!?” to “Dude, this is interesting !” to “OMG I love it, do you have more of this shit ?!!!”. From there, things went on pretty straight-forward.

Just to make things clear, the name “Cycler” was chosen before Ioan develloped a passion for mountain-biking, and it has something to do with loops / cycles.
Eh, who cares…


Pe Nic il cunosteti de la Radio 21, Radio Guerilla si Greenchannel, cel mai infocat sustinator al muzicilor alternative, pe formula clasica rock sau electronice. DJ avangardist, va face incalzirea cu un set special ales pentru acest eveniment. Nu trebuie ratat!