An event organized by AVmotional Platform & Goethe Institut Bucharest

telematique | Sven Gareis and u-matic | Ute Harting – VISUALS

Randomform | Sorin Paun – MUSIC

u-matic + telematique are Berlin based visual artists and motion designers that have collaborated on projects, live video performances and video, kinetic and interactive light installations.

Randomform is a changing, shifting, multiple facet alias focused on structured and mechanical rhythms. Each track creates a image of moving pieces in a large structure that slowly changes form, becoming more and more complex or decomposing right before your eyes.

Randomform creates electronic music since 2005. He has released a few EPs and participated with tracks on compilations on various labels around the world: Crazy Language, Time Theory, Essentia Mundi, Section 27, Patpong Records, Bypass Netlabel, Datacrash Records.


Club Tago Mago, 21 Sperantei str., Bucharest



Goethe Institut, Club Tago Mago

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