Pécs was awarded the UNESCO-Prize ‘Cities for Peace’ in 1998 for cherishing different cultures and providing a large scale of opportunities in the fields of education as well as culture and other fields of life to the minorities living in the region, and also for its tolerant attitudes towards the fugitives of the Balkan Wars.

The event within the Pécs2010 European Capital of Culture programme entitled The Day of Open Churches to be held May 9th is aimed to show the open, receptive character of Pécs, the Borderless City.

With relation to the event you are more than welcome to attend our press conference to be held at the Mosque of Jakovali Hassan (Pécs, Kórház tér/Kórház Square) on May 9th, at 14:30.

The press conference will be held by the following people:

  • Asli Sevindim, Artistic Director City of Cultures for Ruhr2010
  • Tamás Szalay, Cultural Director of the Pécs2010 European Capital of Culture programme
  • dr. Terézia Bardi, deputy director of the Board of National Monuments of Hungary
  • Anita Bozóky, Managing Director of  Pécs/Sopianae Örökség Nonprofit Kft. (Pécs/Sopianae Heritage Non-profit Ltd.)
  • Andrea Kőhalmi, Director of House of Arts and Literature of Pécs

Following the press conference, at 16:00 o’clock in Cella Septichora Visitor’s Centre the exhibition opening of sculptor, ’artformer’ Antal Kelle will take place. The exhibition carries symbols of different religions, emphasizing the importance of togetherness and solidarity.

9 May 2010

Day of Open Churches

In 1998 Pécs won the UNESCO title of Cities for Peace. On 9 May 2010, the Day of Peace, contemporary music based on church and traditional motifs will be played at the sacred locations of the religions represented in the city. During the afternoon the public can also enjoy free concerts in the Pius Church, Ágoston Square Church, the Franciscan Church, and the Belvárosi Reformed Church.

Further information and booking tickets for the evening concerts: www.pecsorokseg.hu

Detailed programme:

18:00 Creatio – Medieval Latin Hymns

Venue: Cella Septichora Visitor’s Centre

György Heidl’s music does not follow the medieval Gregorian tunes of the hymns. The composer, who is an internationally renowned scholar of early Christian  theology and culture, produced this work along the lines of his own musical conception.

Ticket Price Ft.600

Performers: Sator Quartet: György Heidl (guitar), Zoltán Kovács (double bass), Viktória Szakács (cello), Veronika Médea Tóth (violin), with Szilvia Bognár, and András Lovasi (vocals)

Ticket Price: Ft.800; Reduced Ticket Price for those eligible: Ft.600.

19:00 Katalin Szvorák  Consecrating the Sun

Venue: Cathedral Museum

Katalin Szvorák’s most recent and 25th independent album, which is the third part of her church trilogy, contains our most beautiful Catholic hymns, psalms and prayers accompanied by cello, harpsichord, organ, and violin.

Admission to this event is free of charge.

19:00 Bíró Eszter Quintet

Venue: Synagogue

The concerts of Eszter Bíró’s new band feature the poems of Hungarian poets set to music in addition to the acoustic arrangement of Jewish folk melodies. The band will prepare a unique programme for the Day of Peace which combines the music of different cultures living side by side in Hungary.

Ticket Price: Ft.800; Reduced Ticket Price for those eligible: Ft.600.