Handlung. On Producing Possibilities

This issue it becomes the reader of BB4 which takes the ambiguity of the German term “Handlung” – that is impossible to translate in all its levels of meaning, but it is somehow located between action, activity, agency and participation, but at the same time it could also mean story or even narration – as a starting point to examine diverse practices, which are proposing various forms of action. BB4 attempts to scrutinize and to exhaust the promise – that might just be a supposition – of art taking place in the public sphere and is it thus creating possibilities for (political) action or does the artwork itself has already inherited this moment of action? Therefore, the exhibition rather tries to articulate questions and suggests different prospects than to formulate answers. BB4 will show artistic projects that deal with direct involvement in actions, participation and public space as well as community based art, but also works that are based on questioning, correcting and subverting history and historiography form, among others, a central point. The biennial aims to intensify the interaction with the urban and political context in Bucharest by inviting participants from different fields.
PAVILION is edited by Răzvan Ion & Eugen Rădescu, the BB4 is curated by Felix Vogel.

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In this issue::

Felix Vogel – Handlung. On Producing Possibilities.
Maria Muhle – Aesthetic realism, fictional documents and subjectivation. Alexander Medwedkin. The Medwedkin Groups. Chris Marker
Ludger Schwarte – Performative Architecture: Setting a Stage for Political Action
Bruno Latour – From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik or How to Make Things Public
Chantal Mouffe – Agonistic Democracy and Radical Politics
Reinhold Martin – Financial Imaginaries: Toward a Philosophy of the City
Hito Steyerl – The language of things
Eugen Rădescu – What we produce is always way ahead of what we think
Wu Ming – Notes For A Declaration Of The Rights And Responsibilities Of Story-Tellers
Julia Brotea and Daniel Béland – “Better Dead than Communist!”. Contentious Politics, Identity Formation, and the University Square Phenomenon in Romania
Andrei Crăciun – The Women from APACA
Antonio Negri – Metamorphoses
Doina Petrescu – Tactics of Faux Migration
Răzvan Ion – Exploring the Return of Repression
Peter Osborne – Imaginary Radicalisms: Notes on the Libertarianism of Contemporary Art

Contributions by artists of BB4:

Magnus Bärtås (SE), Martin Beck (AT), Kalle Brolin (SE), Pablo Bronstein (AR/UK), Kaucyila Brooke (US/AT), Cabello/Carceller (ES), Elena Ciobanu (RO), Stefan Constantinescu (RO/SE), Claudia Cristóvaõ (AO/NL), Angela Ferreira (MZ/PT), Field Work / Nis Rømer & Lise Skou (DK), Zachary Formwalt (US/NL), Andrea Geyer (DE/US), Charlotte Ginsborg (UK), Goldin+Senneby (SE), Ion Grigorescu (RO), Sabrina Gschwandtner (AT/US), Nicoline van Harskamp (NL), Marcel Iancu (RO), Maryam Jafri (PK/DK), Alexander Kluge (DE), laBOMBA (RO), Christine Meisner (DE), Asier Mendizabal (ES), Stina Östberg (SE), Olivia Plender (UK) & Unnar Örn (IS), Emily Roysdon (US), Fia-Stina Sandlund (SE), Lina Selander (SE), Société Réaliste (FR/HU), Åsa Sonjasdotter (NO), Pilvi Takala (FI/NL), The Otolith Group (UK), Fereshteh Toosi (IR), Lan Tuazon (PH), Florin Tudor & Mona Vatamanu (RO, Judi Werthein (AR)


A journal for politics and culture that name alludes to the relative temporary structure of the contemporary art. 

The journal is presenting wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content in each issue through the varied formats of regular column, essays, interviews, and artist projects. 

Our publication addresses to a broad audience of readers, which are interested in contemporary culture and recent political and social issues and does not only want to describe contemporary phenomenon but with its militant attitude it tries to directly intervene in cultural, political and social life.

Every issue has a special theme, which gives the general outline for the accumulation of texts, artworks and projects. 

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The cover: Ion Grigorescu, Electoral meeting, 1975, b&w photograph, 120 x 200 cm. Courtesy: the artist (detail).

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