Philip Ullrich,Untitled (Velvia), 2009

Sugary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and Effects – A festival on Photography

I hate nothing more than sugary photographs with tricks, poses and effects. So allow me to be honest and tell the truth about our age and its people. (August Sander, 1876-1964)

Taking the above quotation as a starting point for a festival on photography, ‘Sugary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and Effects’ will present an exhibition investigating the contemporary condition of photography.

An artistic climate in which technological progression has forced photography to enter a relatively new phase of its development, the digital, the medium itself is faced with the possibility to re-evaluate its means and modes of production. What is the medium-specific character of photography? Why do artists choose this medium and what forms of meaning can photography produce in an artistic context?

Involving over 50 international artists across 8 venues, SP W/T,P&E will attempt to provide a snapshot of photography in its present state. Including locations such as the NICC and the FotoMuseum of Antwerp as well as newly commisioned, temporary locations accross the city, it is the intention of the festival to create discourse on the medium and to provide insight into some of its contemporary manifestations. In addition to exibitions accross each venues there will also be film screenings, artists talks/lectures and performative events as well as a one-day symposium and book launch designed to enhance and expand upon the festivals themes.


Paulien Barbas (NL), Ruth Van Beek (NL), Vincen Beeckman (BE), Johannes Bendzulla (DE), Beierle + Keijser (NL), Basje Boer (NL), Tomas Boiy (BE), Kristien Bosmans (BE), Axel Braun (DE), Chris Clarke (CA), Ian Corbett (UK), Bert Danckaert (BE), Frauke Dannert (DE), Lara Dhondt (BE), Fernfeld (DE), Moritz Fiedler (DE), Sebastian Freytag (DE), Ralf Grossek (DE), Michael Heym (DE), Oscar Hugal (BE), Sabrina Jung (DE), Bernd Kleinheisterkamp (DE), Kathrin Klingner (DE), Anouk Kruithof (NL), Alwin Lay (DE), G. Leddington (UK), Christoph Meier (AT), Christine Moldrickx (DE), Christian Odzuck (DE), Georg Parthen (DE), Colin Penno (DE), Goran Galic / Gian-Reto Gredig (CH), Fong Ponto (NL), David Price (UK), Re: Collective (BE), Abe Rechterschot (NL), Ryan Rivadeneyra (US), Jan Rymenants (BE), Adriana Salazar Arroyo (CR), Ohad Ben Shimon (ISR/FR), Mircea Tanacu (RO), Philip Ullrich (DE), Anu Vahtra (EE), Corinne Vionnet (CH), Yaniv Waissa (ISR), Wim Wauman (BE), Joachim Weischer (DE), Mariken Wessels (NL), Matthias Wollgast (DE)

For more information please visit http://www.sugaryphotographs. com