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Guest editor: Marina Grzinic
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“I am interested in rethinking conceptually, politically and ideologically the conditions of the re/production of life, art and culture in the social and political space in the present moment of neoliberal global capitalism. Capitalism is not just a framework “out there somewhere.” It is the condition sine qua non of the way we live and of how life is conceptualized today. It is also the basic condition of the way in which the social and political layers of society function. Last but not least, it is at the basis of the way in which each and every institution of contemporary capitalist society is organized and functions today. When I say “institution,” I mean both its material foundation and its “non-material” discourses. Institutions today comprise innumerable social practices, their theoretical conceptualization and practical organizations.” (extract from “From Biopolitics to Necropolitics and the Institution of Contemporary Art” by Marina Grzinic)

In this issue:
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Biopolitics, Necropolitics and De-Coloniality
Marina Grzinic


From Biopolitics to Necropolitics and the Institution of Contemporary Art
Marina Grzinic

Metastasis of Democracy, Communication and Mass Intelect
Sefik Seki Tatlic


Life After Death
Nejra Nuna Cengic


The Communal and the Decolonial
Walter Mignolo

De-Linking from Capital and the Colonial Matrix of Power: Class Racialization and the (De)Regulation of Life
Sebastjan Leban

Beyond the State and the Market: Trans-Modern Art as a Way of Liberating Knowledge and Being
Madina Tlostanova


A journal for politics and culture that name alludes to the relative temporary structure of the contemporary art.
The journal is presenting wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content in each issue through the varied formats of regular column, essays, interviews, and artist projects.
Our publication addresses to a broad audience of readers, which are interested in contemporary culture and recent political and social issues and does not only want to describe contemporary phenomenon but with its militant attitude it tries to directly intervene in cultural, political and social life.
Every issue has a special theme, which gives the general outline for the accumulation of texts, artworks and projects.
Moreover, PAVILION is the producer of many related projects like BUCHAREST BIENNALE | Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art, and run the contemporary art center PAVILION UNICREDIT,

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PAVILION, BUCHAREST BIENNALE and PAVILION UNICREDIT are projects devised and founded by Razvan Ion and Eugen Radescu