Appetite for Reality

Dumitru Gorzo always finds a biting way to tackle issues. His work, always exciting and uncompromising, makes him one of the most interesting artists from Eastern Europe today. Truth May Lie leads the viewer enticingly toward the feeling of belonging to a specific milieu, yet implicitly propels us into the universal; an intentional ambiguity offers the viewer the opportunity to participate in the making of the story. On the Road filters memories through a mesh of pastels, exuding that singular afternoon-light that illuminates our journey through the days; sheer poetry, the painting invites us to hop in and continue “on the road” of life’s discoveries.

Fragment din textul expozitiei “Breakthrough of Eastern Realism”Cosmin Nasui

Fotografii de Cristi Farcas din expozitia Dumitru Gorzo “Wunderkabinett”, Laika Art Space

In curand puteti urmari aici video interviul si lectia de istoria artei cu Dumitru Gorzo