‘Gender Check’ is the first comprehensive exhibition featuring art from Eastern Europe since the 1960s based on the theme of gender roles. 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the curator Bojana Pejić, along with a team of experts from 24 different countries, has put together a selection of over 400 works including paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, posters, films and videos. With over 200 artists, the exhibition paints an exceptionally diverse picture of a chapter in art history that until recently had been largely unknown and that could also act as an important addition to contemporary gender discourse.

‘Gender Check’ follows the changes in the representation of male and female role models in art – especially as they develop under different socio-political conditions. The exhibition, initiated and supported by the ERSTE Foundation, shows the interrelationship between art and history following both a chronological and thematic approach.
Curator Bojana Pejić

Perioada expozitiei: 13.11.2009-14.2.2010

01 01_gc_rus_mamyshev-monroe

Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe (Russland / Russia)

Monroe, 1996

Courtesy XL Gallery, Moscow

© Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe

02 02_gc_pol_kozyra

Katarzyna Kozyra (Polen / Poland)

Olympia / Olimpia, 1996

3 Fotos, Video am Monitor / 3 photos, video on monitor

National Museum in Krakow

©Katarzyna Kozyra

03 03_gc_ukr_mikhailov

Boris Mikhailov (Ukraine)

Photo from the series Suzi et cetera, 1960s

© VBK Wien, 2009

04 04_gc_slk_filova

Eva Filova (Slovakei / Slovakia)

Without Difference, 2001

Milch Tetrapack / Milk tetra pack

3 Objekte 16,5 x 9,5 x 6 cm

© Eva Filova

06 06_gc_pol_fangor

Wojciech Fangor (Polen / Poland)

Figures / Postaci, 1950

Öl auf Leinwand / Oil on canvas

100 x 125 cm

Muzeum Sztuki/Museum of Art in Lodz

Courtesy of Museum of Art in Lodz

© Wojcieh Fangor

08 08_gc_ser_abramovic

Marina Abramović (Serbien / Serbia)

Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful, 1975

Videoperformance / Video performance

14:14 min

© Marina Abramović

16 16_gc_ser_ostojic

Tanja Ostojić (Serbia)

Looking for a Husband with EU passport / Suche nach einem Ehemann mit EU Pass


Participatory web project / Combined media installation / Onlineprojekt / Verschiedene Materialien Installation

Courtesy of the artist

© Tanja Ostojić

26 26_gc_alb_agolli

Rovena Agolli (Albania)

In All My Dreams, it Never is Quite as it Seems / In all meinen Träumen ist es niemals so wie es scheint, 2002

Digital print / Digitaldruck

80 x 60 cm

© Rovena Agolli

27 27_gc_pol_gustowska

Izabella Gustowska (Poland / Polen)

Ofiara I – z cyklu: Względne cechy podobieństwa / Sacrifice I – from the cycle Relative Similarities /

Opfer I – aus dem Zyklus Relative Ähnlichkeiten), 1989-1990

Mixed technic on canvas (photograph, oil) / Mixtechnik auf Leinwand (Fotografie, Öl)

223 x 166 x 12 cm

Courtesy Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu

© Izabella Gustowska

28 28_gc_slo_varl

Petra Varl (Slovenia / Slovenien)

Zvezda and Odeon

Wallpainting / Wandmalerei

205 x 137cm

© Petra Varl

29 29_gc_bul_georgieva

Alla Georgieva (Bulgaria / Bulgarien)

Alla’s Secret. Collection 2000 – I, II, III / Alla’s Geheimnis. Sammlung 2000-I, II, III, 2000

Ink Jet print on paper, mounted on aluminium /

Tintenstrahldruck auf Papier, aufgezogen auf Aluminium

130 x 120 cm

Courtesy of the artist

© Alla Georgieva

30 30_gc_lit_petrova

Galina Petrova (Lithuania / Litauen)

Women, Cleaning Fish / Frauen, Fische waschend, 1969

Synthetic tempera on canvas / Synthetische Tempera auf Leinwand

150 x 140 cm

Courtesy Lithuanian Art Museum

© Galina Petrova

31 31_gc_lat_korneckis

Michails Korneckis (Latvia / Lettland)

Saturieties, meitenes / Let’s go Girls / Mädchen, packen wir es an, 1959

Oil on canvas / Öl auf Leinwand

190 x 160,7 cm

Courtesy Latvian National Museum of Art

© Normundus Braslins

32 32_gc_hun_nagy

Kriszta Nagy (Hungary / Ungarn)

200.000 Ft, I – VI. / 200.000 Ft, I – VI., 1997

Digital print / Digitalprint

80 x 50 cm

Edition 3 / 3

Courtesy Collection of Zsolt Somlói and Spengler Katalin, Budapest

© Kriszta Nagy

33 33_gc_cze_bromova

Veronika Bromová (Czech Republic / Tschechien)

Girls too / Mädchen auch, 1994

Digitally altered Color Duratrans, in Light box / Farb Duratrans Print

90 x 120 cm

© Veronika Bromová

35 35_gc_exhibition-view_level-6

Gender Check– Rollenbilder in der Kunst Osteuropas

MUMOK Ausstellungsansicht / Exhibition view Foto: MUMOK © MUMOK

36 36_gc_exhibition-view_level-4

Gender Check– Rollenbilder in der Kunst Osteuropas

MUMOK Ausstellungsansicht / Exhibition view Foto: MUMOK © MUMOK


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