designannounce_hd2009 Design Annual

The finest design solutions of the past year were chosen by our distinguished jury who, despite challenging economic conditions, expressed optimism about the future of design and found plenty of excellent work to choose from. 

“It was overwhelming, in a positive way, to see so much good work in most of the categories,” Scott Arrowood said. “When you consider the hours behind all the beauty—concepting, type choices, meetings, etc.—it is naturally humbling.” 

The jurors also voiced some opinions when asked how the design profession could change its image from a service provider to a true collaborator in the business process. David Schimmel was brief. “By identifying its ability to help clients increase sales while focusing on building relationships and providing deep insights,” he said. “Design will continue to be increasingly measured in terms of ROI and its impact on furthering clearly defined business objectives,” Janet DeDonato said. 

“This is the most exciting time in history to be a designer,” Sean Adams said. “We can work in a huge array of media, we have access to enormous amounts of information and inspiration. But we must not allow our community to fracture into hundreds of tiny tribes. Working together, we can maintain our dedication to excellence and creativity.”

“Buckminster Fuller got it right when he said, ‘A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist,'” Jason Schulte concluded. “We’re part of a profession that has the power to shape culture and change the world.”

“How we modify our thinking to define ourselves not by what we make, but how we think, will define our future.”
— Sean Adam
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