Posters by DocMarCell / Sound by Tanz Ohne Musik
A project by Emanuel Borcescu
Tuesday 15th May 2007 / 7.30 pm / OTA Club ( 26 Dr. Staicovici St .)

It’s all about an alternative version of the official history as known from the propaganda posters. The history evil is reduced to the evil source in man and to go further we should take into consideration his personal traumas, obsessions or subjective moods.

In the so called „propaganda posters” appear little flash-backs from the childhood of the cases I studied. The details speak of the intimate thoughts, or traumas. Some ?Educative? posters have slogans in accordance to the subjective experience of the dictators.

This is the real history – individual traumas, kitsch, obsessions.
The evil in the official history as we know it is so abstract. In fact it’s all about the evil in all of us. And some of us got the power.