BUCHAREST BIENNALE 2 & PAVILION (contemporary art & culture magazine)
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va invita JOI 15 IUNIE 2006, ORA 19.00, la Institutul Francez, Bd. Dacia nr. 77 la

Stefan Constantinescu, “Dacia 1300 – My Generation” & “Passagen”, video projections.

“Dacia 1300, My Generation” is a film about the communist regime. What is it like to live under a totalitarian regime? How are you influenced by terror and oppression? What paths does your life take when you can’t trust those around you, your neigh-bors? When anyone can be an informator, a collaborator or snitch? When does your life becomes more and more squalid, the electricity is cut off, food is rationed and the stores are empty and you, yourself, are forced to move to the outskirts of the city?

“El Pasaje” (the passage, the ticket), is about the existential transition of three Chileans who were forced to leave Chileafter the Pinochet controlled coup d’etat of 1973. All three ended up living under Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist dictator-ship, and over time, two of them left forSweden. El Pasaje is a film about refugees, strangers, the past, prejudices and loneliness.

Before projections Tom Sandqvist, curator, writer and scientist, will talk about Stefan Constantinescu’s work.
After the projection the public will have the oportunity to talk with artist.

Production realized with support of KONSTNÄRSNÄMNDEN- THE ARTSGRANTS COMMITTEE.
The presence of the artist is supported by IAPSIS.