WeAreTheArtists proudly announces its participation at Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation

A project of the Art Today Association in collaboration with Code Flow
Curated by Dimitrina Sevova

Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv
Oct 7 until Nov 8 2005

WeAreTheArtists presents an installation including a selection of video sketches by Gernot Wieland, Aleksander Komarov, Irina Botea, Enisa Cenaliaj, Christina Hemauer, Susanne Kriemann, Petra Maitz, Irene Weingartner, Kunstfly, Philippe Winninger, Ursula Palla, Aurelio Kopainig and Paulina Egle Pukyte

Publication available including ‘Get real with WeAreTheArtists’ by Oliver Kielmayer