Dan Perjovschi
Naked Drawings

July 29 – September 25, 2005

Opening: Th. 28 July 2005, 7 p.m.

Museum Ludwig
50667 Cologne
Tel.: 0221 221 26165
info [​at​] museum-ludwig.de


Dan Perjovschi, Naked Drawings, 2005, (c) Dan Perjovschi

Since the beginning of July Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi draws on the walls of the DC:Room with a marker pen. Within a few short weeks the entire room will be filled with drawings from top to bottom. This is truly work in progress. Visitors are invited to watch the artist at work, to protest, to give him their comments or fire him on with good ideas. And anyone who simply wants to look on can take a seat in Franz Wests “Kantine.

Some of the Romanian artists drawings are reminiscent of newspaper cartoons, and others of doodles done on the phone. But all are as simple and direct as a punch. Reduced to the essentials, they fly out at the viewer. Sometimes they are political, sometimes very political, but they never lack humour. Which means even topics like the Iraq war and the mini-job, or art war and the mini-artist have an anarchic levity so often missing from newspaper leaders and the leaders of the pack.

Both exhibitions are supported by the AC:/DC: Förderkreis, and additionally Dan Perjovschi is being sponsored by Linklaters Oppenhoff & Rädler and the Ifa-Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.

On each Saturday from July 9th until the opening of the exhibition, the German newspaper taz will feature a drawing by Dan Perjovschi.

On Perjovschi. A dialogue with F.W. Bernstein and Harald Kretzschmar on August 23, 2005, 7 p.m. in the Museum Ludwig cinema.

Each project is accompanied by a catalogue published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König. As a media art project, the July issue of the Cologne monthly StadtRevue contained a supplement by Dan Perjovschi; the August issue contains a supplement by Christoph Schlingensief.

Press contact: Annegret Buchholtz: 49-221-221 23491, [email protected]