Timpurile se schimba.

Fuziunea Audio-Video a intrat intr-o noua era.

Laboratoarele spatiale de sunet si imagine investigheaza noi moduri de interactiune audio si video in Romania si altundeva.

Transmite rezultatele tale experimentale si teoretice din domeniul perceptiei umane, animale si androide !

Laboratoarele din CLUJ asteapta urmatorele teste cu roboti accidentati, copii modificati si experientele facute pe propriile tale echipamente performante.

Testeaza-ti Inteligenta Artificiala in

Mai 27-28 !


The times have changed.

Video and audio outlets have been fused successfully together.

Your orbiting visual and sound bedroom laboratories are charting new ways of audio and video interaction in Romania and beyond.

Report your experimental results and theoretical ideas ranging over the fields of human, animal, android and cyborg perception !

The CLUJ labs are waiting for the next crash test robots, test-tube babies and your very own customized performance tools.

Test your Artificial Intelligence in

May 27-28 !

AVM 02 is the RO fringe festival for Audio and Video symbiosis.

AVM 02 is expecting the next batch of hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech experimentalism from Romania and beyond.

AVM 02 is crash landing two days of live events in CLUJ city.

AVM 02 is testing your pleasure limits on the 27th and 28th of MAY!

AVM 02 is a festival providing direct contact with the latest developments in audio and visual performance on the Romanian scene and beyond.

It is also a response to the growing need for more venues, acting as meeting points and performance options to a rich and demanding community.

We have had a particular interest in creating an open dialogue between the audio and video dimensions, a linkage with a long experimental pedigree.

The festival covers the whole performing spectrum of existing possibilities and potential attitudes towards analogue and digital technologies.

This broad spectrum includes not only contemporary art and culture, but also technopolitical issues and the growing role of machines as tools of critical production, distribution and empowerment.

AVM 02 is the ultimately the result of heavy networking.

Open resource and shareware practices are multiplying hundredfold the possibilities of cultural production and free _expression.

Hearing and seeing are the first in line to benefit directly from this new informational output.

In our own maverick way, with the help of personal set-ups, specific strategies, home-made equipment, we are pushing the limits of daily urban experience. We should voice out our ideas and fears, thus questioning existing relations and promoting the ongoing understanding of medias and their interfaces.

AVmotional 02 crew

p.s. informatii complete privind formularul, adresa pentru trimis demo-uri, altele vor fi in curand pe www.avmotional.com

(10x to www.underconstruct.com)