Romanian Video Selection
DVD_video projection
2 April – 2004

Shake well before use.

Shake well and serve.

Remember to Shake well.

Shake well drink daily.

Shake well before serving?

Shake well keep refrigerated.

Shake well related videos.

Shake well until mixed.

Shake Well before opening.

Shake-up effects in quantum-well exciton spectra.

Shake well with crushed ice.

Shake well to mix all videos.

Shake until well blended.

Well now you shake it to the left, you shake it to the right

“Shake Well”, despite the label, because the thing is just too full to shake the …


Stefan Botez

Nicu Ilfoveanu

Grup E((O (Dragos Burlacu, Razvan Neagoe, Gaspar Cristian, Carmen Vornicelu)

Limbique (Filip Muresan & Vlad Tarko)

Oana Lucacean

Dorel Naste

Dan Piersinaru

Mirela Radulescu & Quirin Brunnmeier

Catalin Rulea

Shake Well

The idea of this video selection aims at emphasizing the Romanian artistic presence within the Okuparte festival.

Romania is one of those economies which are still strongly influenced by the transition from the communist postindustrialisation to the market economy. The art produced in this space is obviously influenced by this economic position always on the move. Being an artist in Romania may be on the one hand a privilege, on the other hand a great disadvantage. This fact might seem exaggerated or subjective. From a certain point of view, an open-minded person might consider it a stimulative and vivid milieu. It is obvious that it is up to the young generation of artists to create a system to sustain art as soon as such a system does not exist. It is a way of saying that art is in your hands and you are not a mere producer, who answers a demand. In my opinion, this is an important aspect, at least in the formation phase of an artist. At the same time, the lack of a system similar to the existing one in the strongly industrialized countries, might create disillusions and frustrations. The
absence of any kind of support or its direction towards limited circles of artists, the absence of transparence, determines some artists to abandon the Romanian art stage, or it might make them become blazes.

Shake Well is a generic title conferred to this video selection. In order to promote the Romanian artistic stage, they constitute themselves as a continuity island as regards the overcoming of the deadlock or the alignment with the other art systems which are already functional. (In spite of the fact that we are handicapped from the technical point of view, the selection provided by) “Shake Well” proposes the image of an artistically stage as a cumulation of ideas, in order to create an image of artistic promotion.

A project by Dan Piersinaru

PS. The other materials receive it in the mean time it will be up dated to the project

Dan Piersinaru