Media Theory Symposium, Sept 26-29

Venues: Tranzit House, Str. Baritiu 16; Music Pub, Str Horea 5

Organized by Tranzit Foundation and Joanne Richardson in collaboration with Next 5 Minutes (Amsterdam), Idea Foundation and ANO Foundation. Made possible with the financial support of CONCEPT Foundation – Soros Open Network Romania, Culture 2000 Program of European Commission, European Cultural Foundation, ProHelvetia, Kultiplex and CRDE.



19:30 Opening Reception & Poster Exhibition: Mind Bomb (Romania), Pode bal (Czech Republic)

Music Pub
22:00 Dj-concert: Infra Gandhi


10:00 – 10:45 Introduction: Csilla Konczei – Tranzit; Gyula Kozak – TranzArt

disLocated (a network of contemporary art centers from Central and Eastern Europe, in the

frame of „Culture 2000” program of European Commission), Joanne Richardson – ASU2,

MetaMedia, ’’: media centers network in South East Europe; Derek Holzer – Next 5

Minutes 4

10:30 – 12:30 Presentation of media centers, production and literacy projects

Moderator: Tincuţa Pârv

Participants: Galina Dimitrova – Interspace (Bulgaria), Kristian Lukic & Branka Curcic – (Yugoslavia), Nikola Pisarev – CAC Skopje, „Culture for Everybody” project (Macedonia), Jozita Shkreli – Lindart (Albania), Ivana Moncolova – Buryzone (Slovakia), István Sebesi – Kultiplex (Hungary), Nina Czegledy – „On target” project (Canada/Hungary), Les Corsaires (Belgium).

13:00 – 14:00 Roundtable: Backdoor Media Education

(follow-up discussion of media education innovations & models; working with or working outside schools & official institutions; role of media centers founded by artists as primary vehicles for education & production)

Moderator: Nina Czegledy

15:30 – 17:15 Video Screening: Best of OFF presented by Dániel Sárdi

17:30 – 18:00 Derek Holzer – presentation & workshop preview

18:00 – 18:40 Tilos Radio – Pirate radio presentation & discussion

18:40 – 20:40 Tilos DJ/VJ program: Techno, experimental, jazz

Music Pub
22:00 – 23:00 TANUTUVA Concert

23:30 marka DJ-program


10:00 – 11:30 Roundtable: Counter-Documentary & Representation

(discussion by film & video makers and festival organizers of documentary and counter-documentary styles & forms of production; connection between documentary & propaganda; reality/fiction boundaries; strategies of indirect and non-representation)

Moderator & intro: Csilla Könczei

Participants: Sigismond de Vajay – Lausanne Underground Film Festival (Switzerland); Virgiliu Mărgineanu – OWH Studio (Moldova), Janos Domokos – Dialektus (Hungary); Angela Kallo – Festival Association (Romania); Carmen Cristian – TVR Cluj (Romania)

12:00 – 14:00 Mapping Media Activism

(project presentations & debates by video, radio, poster, zine & other media practioners about the meaning of alternative, underground, mainstream; differences between tactical media and strategic, migrant, or nomadic forms; the geopolitics of media activism & its meaning in post-socialist context)

Moderator & intro: Joanne Richardson

Participants: David Garcia & Derek Holzer – Next 5 Minutes (Netherlands), Igor Markovic (Croatia), Aleksandra Kostic – Kibla (Slovenia); Alexandru Vakulovschi (Romania), Peter Motycka – Podebal (Czech Republic), Firma 9 (Romania)

15:30 – 19:30 Video Screening: to be announced

21:30 Audio Performance: Derek Holzer, Allergische Platze


10:00 – 11:45 Public Domain & Democratization

(the significance of public domain – as socio-cultural space and as juridical category; media freedom & its connection to human rights campaigns; importance of open source & copyleft for public domain)

Moderator & intro: David Garcia

Participants: Kristian Lukic (Yugoslavia), Zorin Diaconescu (Romania), Ovidiu Pecican (Romania), Alexandru Patatics (Romania), Jozita Shkreli (Albania), Attila Gasparik – CNA (Romania), Dan Perjovschi – Totul la vedere (Romania).

12:00-14:00 Minor Media Production & Distribution

(modes of production and distribution of ‘alternative’ content; grassroots and do it yourself production in different media from video to fanzines; disappearance of distinctions between producer and consumer)
Moderator & intro: Dan Perjovschi

Participants: Aleksandra Kostic – Kibla Multimedia Center (Slovenia), Derek Holzer – Radio Jeleni/Xchange, Virgiliu Mărgineanu – OWH TV Studio (Moldova), Andrei Biro – NCN TV (Romania), Igor Markovic – Arkzin (Croatia), Mihai Vakulovschi – TIUK (Romania), Nikola Pisarev – Zayac, Zine for Young Art Culture (Macedonia)

18:00 – 22:00 Video Screening: to be announced


HYBRID BROADCASTING: web streaming and micro FM broadcasting

This workshop will be a hands-on excercise in hybrid broadcasting, using a variety of tactics to distribute an audio signal over wires and airwaves. Participants will learn how to use simple audio applications to produce a short recorded broadcast, use a preconfigured Linux webstreaming platform get the audio on the web, and how to build an antenna and set up a 1 Watt micro-FM transmitter to redistribute the signal locally.