(September / October / November – 2002)
174 pages / 105 images colour & duotone.
Texts: Helena Cabello / Ana Carceller, Anna & Bernhard Blume, José Miguel G. Cortés,
Manuel Santos, Barry Schwabsky, Rosa Olivares and Charles Green.
Main Artists: Anna & Bernhard Blume. Dossiers: Pierre et Gilles,
Bleda y Rosa, Jane & Louise Wilson, subREAL.
Published by Rosa Olivares & Associates (Madrid)

# Two eyes, yes, and sometimes two or more heads as well. In the recent history of art and the most contemporary photography, it is not unusual to encounter work carried out by duos, by trios or, let us say, by teams. Couples, some now historic, who develop or have developed a single body of work. Two who are one, such as Gilbert & George, “We say: We are one person”, and who partially renounce an individual identity in order to create a different being, a different author.

Couples, most of them, who are sometimes relatives, sometimes lovers, or merely individuals who share common aesthetic interests. In some cases, they are only together for a brief period of time, and in others they stay together for a lifetime. Some of these teams have made their mark on art history by way of photography, as is the case with Bernd & Hilla Becher and Gilbert & George. Indeed, there are more artists who have opted to create in teams, and the areas of photography, video and film are those most often chosen by teams to develop their work.

In this issue, we will present some of them, with special attention to the work of Anna & Bernhard Blume, a now classic German photographer couple, whose work does not belong to any movement or follow any trends. The issue also features the work of Jane and Louise Wilson (commentary by Barry Schwabsky), Pierre et Gilles (José Miguel G. Cortés), Bleda y Rosa (Manuel Santos), and subREAL (Rosa Olivares).

In addition to these protagonists, there are also reproductions by the following artists: Gilbert & George, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Clegg & Guttmann, AES+F Group, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Komar & Melamid, Theresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, Guerrilla Girls, Helena Cabello / Ana Carceller, L.A. Raeven, Aziz + Cucher, Rose Farrell & George Parkin, MP & MP Rosado Garcés, Mike & Doug Starn, General Idea, Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Gómez Molina / Guillermo Lledó, Igor & Svetlana Kopystiansky, MacDermott & MacGough, Mabel Palacín and Marc Viaplana, Pere Formiguera and Joan Fontcuberta, Atelier Morales, Pilar Albajar & Antonio Altarriba, Eva & Adele, among others.

Two main texts delve into the complexities of collaborative relationships and teamwork in contemporary art, and in photography-based art in particular. On the one hand is the essay by the Spaniards Helena Cabello / Ana Carceller, a couple of artists who have also produced significant writings on art, and on the other, as a coda to this number, is the text by the Australian professor and artist Charles Green, author of the book The Third Hand. Rosa Olivares’ editorial and the customary index of artists complete this exploration of teamwork.

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