Botond Részegh, „Nightfall” @ Northeastern University, Boston

Botond Részegh, „Nightfall” @ Northeastern University, Boston

Botond-Reszegh-(21) Botond-Reszegh-(13) Botond-Reszegh-(2) Botond-Reszegh-(1)Exhibition – Nightfall

Nightfall depicts the anguish of Eastern European men and women as they search for the unknowns, the unattainable distances, stories and freedoms. It will comprise of a series of twenty portraits on paper and five figurative paintings on paper.

An exhibition of Romanian artist Botond Részegh’s paintings curated by Associate Professor of Information Design, Isabel Meirelles

Exhibition Dates: February 8 – March 9,  2014, Gallery 360

Gallery Reception: Wednesday, February 12. 4:00PM

40A Leon Street
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115 – See more at:

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