Graffiti artists spray paint a Boeing 737

Graffiti artists spray paint a Boeing 737

hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-10 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-03 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-08 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-06 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-01 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-12 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-11 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-05 hangfire-painted-plane-designboom-09Two graffiti heavy weights, going by the names of Sat One and Roids, stepped up to the challenge. Battling sleep deprivation, weather and the enormous size and scale of a Boeing 737, the two artists faced the fundamental task of working out the best way to paint a curved aluminium surface, in the wind and rain! After a few long periods of studying the confusing cylindrical shape it was time to get busy. The two artists worked day and night, fighting the weather for what seemed like a life-time, up and down on multiple pieces of access equipment, manoeuvring around the plane and the uncomfortable awareness of leaking hydraulic fluid, was not part of our 5-A-Day!

The challenge finally came to an end on a glorious spring day, Icarus_13 was complete…and here is the outcome, hope you enjoy it.

HangFire would like to say thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the project. A special thanks goes out to Roids and Sat One for their resilience and determination, Gavin Strange for his enthusiastic approach and visual skills. Much love to 45RPM for you continued support.

Hold tight for an extra special treat from Sat One and Roids. More info will be available at

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  1. Foarte tare facut avionul, cred ca ar arata bine o masina sa fie facuta la fel ca avionul din poze.

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