We tend to separate art and design from everyday life as if it was something seen only in museums. But it’s not. To quote Paul Rand, “Design is everything. Everything!”

Even food can be used as a medium for art. That’s why we want to share some simple and beautiful food art examples for Valentine’s Day.

Red & Green Apple

link: C.Mariani

Valentine Pizza

link: onecharmingparty.com

Watermelon Hearts

link: otchipotchi.blogspot.com

White Chocolate Raspberry

link: amy-newnostalgia.blogspot.com

Egg In The Basket

link: Petitekitchenesse.com

Heart Shaped Egg

link:  annathered.com

Roasted Potatoes

link: Hanielas.blogspot.com

Lovely Breakfast

link: Tracy Weston Photography

Another Lovely Breakfast

link: Cutefoodforkids.com

Heart Shaped Pancakes

link: Southwingveranda.tumblr.com

Strawberry Ice Cubes

link: kimwhitten.blogspot.com

Heart Shaped Sushi

link: Newlywedcooking.blogspot.com


link: madewithloveby.me

source: demilked.com